A Look at the Frequency Response of Loudspeakers

I’m going to explain the term frequency response as it relates to loudspeakers. As you probably realize, the main purpose of loudspeakers are to convert electrical power into soundwaves. One of the problems, however, is that loudspeakers have a limited ability in transferring electric waves into soundwaves.

The reason for this is because the diaphragm which is generating the soundwaves cannot vibrate at any particular frequency but rather has a limited range. Also, the ratio of soundwaves that is generated versus the amount of electric power which is applied to the diaphragm varies by frequency. There is an upper and lower cut of frequency which is usually defined as the frequency swear the conversion rate drops by more than half.

The frequency response which is specified for loudspeakers and subwoofers is meant to show these to cut-off frequencies. When looking at wireless subwoofers, for example, you will notice that the upper cut-off frequency is only about 100 Hz. That …