A Look at the Frequency Response of Loudspeakers

I’m going to explain the term frequency response as it relates to loudspeakers. As you probably realize, the main purpose of loudspeakers are to convert electrical power into soundwaves. One of the problems, however, is that loudspeakers have a limited ability in transferring electric waves into soundwaves.

The reason for this is because the diaphragm which is generating the soundwaves cannot vibrate at any particular frequency but rather has a limited range. Also, the ratio of soundwaves that is generated versus the amount of electric power which is applied to the diaphragm varies by frequency. There is an upper and lower cut of frequency which is usually defined as the frequency swear the conversion rate drops by more than half.

The frequency response which is specified for loudspeakers and subwoofers is meant to show these to cut-off frequencies. When looking at wireless subwoofers, for example, you will notice that the upper cut-off frequency is only about 100 Hz. That …

Some Ways for Backing up Data from Your Computer

If you keep important data on your hard drive then I strongly recommend to make regular backups. Hard drives can crash or get damaged over time. In those cases it will be extremely difficult to retrieve the data which is stored on your drive. Making backups is quite easy but you should do it on a regular basis. I will show you some simple methods for creating backups.

When making a backup of the data, you should copy your data onto a different drive. I generally prefer using an external USB hard drive. Such hard drive is physically removable and can be placed someplace away from the computer. If they should be a fire for example then your hard drive is typically still safe.

There are several programs out there to find the process of making backups. I personally prefer program which works by comparing the original drive external drive. All files which have changed updated copy from the original …

How to Properly Install and Use Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers promise to cut the cord. However, even though these types of speakers offer more flexibility than regular speakers because they don’t require a long speaker cable, they still need proper care when being set up and operated. In this article, I’m going to give you some common-sense pointers for properly installing and using cordless speakers.

wireless Amphony speakers

First of all, it is always best to set up speakers that work any frequency which is not crowded by other wireless devices in your home. That is in order to avoid wireless interference. Wireless interference can cause degradation of the sound is well as dropouts. In some cases, severe interference can even render your speakers totally useless. Most wireless models have a channel setting which allows you to avoid channels occupied by wireless networks and other devices. Some more modern speakers incorporate even more sophisticated methods for combating wireless interference. These methods usually are able to avoid interference to some extent.

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In …

The Best Ways for Learning How to Use Technology Products

Using a recent technology product is usually quite stressful unless you have been using a similar product lately. The reason is that as technology products mature, the number of features and user interface also changes. For example, smart phones have undergone several transformations and are no longer simple telephones. They behave more like computers these days. Therefore, being able to utilize their full potential is quite a challenge. However, there’s no need to despair. I will show you some methods for kickstarting the learning curve when it comes to technology related products.

If you have never used a modern smart phone then you would have to start learning from scratch. If you have been using a cell phone though then you have some basic understanding of the principle operation. In fact, chances are that you won’t have many problems using your phone to call someone. However, when you start exploring additional features, you will notice that your smart phone is …

Loudspeakers Explained

Loudspeakers Explained

I will highlight the working principle of loudspeakers. Loudspeakers are the core element of most audio video systems. Without loudspeakers, you would not be able to enjoy a movie or listen to your favorite tunes. There different types of loudspeakers on the market. Let me categorize loudspeakers.

The majority of loudspeakers are dynamic speakers. Sound is produced by a moving diaphragm. This diaphragm has a coil attached to it. This coil is also referred to as voice coil. When driving a loudspeaker, you connect a power amplifier to the speaker using speaker wire. This speaker wire conducts electricity to the loudspeaker. The electricity is then connected onto the voice coil. The voice coil itself is suspended in a magnetic field. When currents are excited in that voice coil, there’s a mechanical force. This mechanical force then pushes the diaphragm within the magnetic field.

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The advantage of dynamic speakers is that they are easy to construct. However, this type …